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Here are the leading REALTORS® at DFH Real Estate during 2020 as presented during our annual Kick Off event. A huge congratulations to these incredible people for all their hard work!

A huge congratulations to these incredible people for all their hard work! These are our team leaders for 2020!

In a year we’ll all remember, primarily because of the global COVID-19 pandemic but also because it proved surprising that the Victoria BC real estate market would have such an important resurgence after March and April when restrictions were eased and our industry was identified as an essential service our DFH REALTORS® were able to push sales beyond expectations. As families and working people reflected the shift in consumer priorities and the growing home-based work and their growing interest in single family detached homes, more space for home gyms and home offices and were able to take advantage of historically low interest rates, our leading DFH REALTORS® were there to help them.

Brad Neufeld from our Victoria office was awarded DFH REALTOR® of the Year! Congratulations Brad!

brad neufeld dfh
Brad Neufeld, REALTOR® of the Year.

Ally and Dennis Guevin, Jilly Yang, Dave Philps, Philip Illingworth, Scott O’Neil, Jeff Bishop as well as Myles Christenson and Ron Cunningham were our leading REALTORS® from our Victoria office.
Wendy Berke, also from our Victoria office and her husband Frank Berke as well as John Bruce and Stephanie Peat from our Sidney office as well as Peter MIller from our Cowichan Bay office were also recognized as leading REALTORS® in 2020.

2020 Office Leaders

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